Golden State Warriors: Which star’s shoe would DubNation rather buy? (POLL)

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 14: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - MAY 14: Stephen Curry /

Golden State Warriors’ stars Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson all have signature shoes. Which one is the best? Vote here!

The Golden State Warriors have five stars who have had shoes sold in stores recently. Only the best of the best get their own signature shoes. The Dubs have three of those guys.

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In terms of Nike shoes, Kevin Durant has entered that elite tier with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. He has been part of that Nike dominance for over a decade. His status as an NBA superstar is built on equal parts basketball performance and marketing.

In addition to Durant, the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both have shoe deals. Curry has been with Under Armour for years, donning the Curry Four during the NBA Finals. Thompson has been with Anta for the last few seasons, capitalizing on special moments like his 60 point game or his championship to release colorways.

Draymond Green, a Nike athlete, also sold Player Exclusive kicks. Iguodala has as well. But those aren’t signature shoes.

Who has the best one? Which signature shoe would Warriors fans prefer to buy? Luckily, there’s a poll for that.

There are plenty of different factors that go into buying a shoe, especially a basketball one. The purpose is a big factor. Are you looking to play in it or is it just for casual wear?

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Then there’s price. Each of the three shoes has varying prices that fluctuate based on if there’s any special release. There’s a lot to go into it.

This poll works under the assumption that the consumer can comfortably buy any pair they want. It’s up to them to decide which they want to invest in for whatever purpose they want. It’s about which is most attractive to them.

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