Golden State Warriors: It’s too early to talk biggest threat

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Stephen Curry
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Stephen Curry /

Everyone wants to know just who is the biggest threat to the Golden State Warriors. It’s too early to have that discussion right now.

As training camp unfolds and the preseason nears, the inevitable questions of threats are already here. In fact, those questions have been lingering since probably the wildest offseason in the history of the NBA. The Golden State Warriors as the top dog will have several teams looking to take them down.

It’s natural to want to jump into the discussion of who will be the biggest threat to Golden State right off the bat. After all, it’s those discussions that drive news and get the debates going every year.

Right now, the Warriors are in a situation where they are at a level that exists above every franchise. Very few teams have ever reached the point that that they have and now they get to watch everyone try and catch up to them.

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But to talk threats at this point feels a little premature. It’s just the end of September and the NBA really doesn’t hit its stride until around Christmas. Then the real contenders take off and somewhere around the All-Star break they become established.

Then again, those merits are put to the test once the postseason officially starts. So, if we are being generous and giving that time period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day the official start of threat season, then yes it is still too early for this discussion.

Teams could start hot that are expected to be threats and then taper off. Teams could start incredibly slow and overlooked and then out of nowhere become the biggest threat possible to Golden State.

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San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City and others have done a bunch to try and make a run at Golden State. One of them will and perhaps more. Still, they have to get through each other first and that’s where everyone will learn who is the true contender.

Right now, it’s all speculation until results are proven over time. This is the life the Warriors live now and it’s one they’re going to keep living until one of these “contenders” can step up and knock them off their position.