3 Post-Draft Lottery Questions That Could Impact Golden State Warriors' Future

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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What do the Hawks do following shocking lottery luck?

The Atlanta Hawks were undoubtedly the winner of Sunday's draft lottery, having acquired the first overall pick despite going in with the 10th-best odds. In the wake of their shock luck, all attention now turns to which direction the franchise will head in.

Most of the focus is on Trae Young and the Hawks' plans for their three-time All-Star. Some believe it could push the franchise into a proper rebuild which would include trading their best player, while others think it could cement a tantalizing tandem of Young and a big like Alex Sarr who ESPN has going at number one overall.

While fellow guard Dejounte Murray may be less impacted by the Hawks getting the first pick, the 27-year-old's future is inextricably linked to what happens with Young. If Murray does become available in the coming months, expect the Warriors to hold interest as they reportedly did prior to February's trade deadline.

A four-player trade for Murray has already been suggested in recent days, featuring Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, Gary Payton II and a future first-round pick heading to the Hawks. It's yet to be seen what adding the first overall pick will mean for a potential Murray trade, though it's fair to suggest that Atlanta may have lower interest in Kuminga should they add another front court piece like Sarr.