5 trades the Golden State Warriors should make to save their dynasty

The Warriors must explore trades if they want to return to title contention.
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry / Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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The Golden State Warriors are facing a tipping point for their franchise. Klay Thompson becomes a free agent this summer, and Golden State has questions to answer after finishing tenth in the Western Conference. The Dubs want to contend for championships but must make changes to get back there.

Stephen Curry is still elite, and the Warriors have several talented role players. Re-signing Thompson at a lower number and trading Chris Paul for an upgrade would do wonders. Golden State won a title in 2022 and is not far off returning to contention.

They need another star or a couple of talented role players. Several teams will attempt to shake things up this summer, but who can Golden State land? They should explore these trades to keep their dynasty rolling.

5. Bridges comes to the Bay Area

The Nets are in a difficult position. They finished 18 games under .500 and look far from a contender in the East. Brooklyn owes their next four first-round draft picks to the Rockets from the James Harden trade, which makes rebuilding difficult. The Nets are not winning now and should get aggressive to get out of the middle.

The Nets have refused offers for Mikal Bridges, but he has just two seasons left on his contract. If he wants to leave Brooklyn, the pressure will ratchet up on the franchise. They could likely get a better deal, but the Warriors should offer their top dollar to see if they can convince the Nets to let Bridges go.

Bridges to Bay Area

The Warriors have several exciting young talents. Putting them in trades is dangerous with an aging core, but getting two 3-and-D wings could push Golden State back up the standings. The Dubs would have the ability to go small and space the floor against any opponent. They would be all-in with this move, but it is going to take something bold to get them back in the title picture.

This trade also allows the Warriors to dump Andrew Wiggins. The Nets likely say no, but star players will be available this summer. Golden State just needs to win the bidding.