5 Unpopular trades Warriors should explore this summer

The Warriors must make some unpopular moves this offseason to accomplish their goals.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
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The Golden State Warriors are facing a difficult offseason. They hope to make the playoffs and go on a deep run first, but there will be tough choices to make this summer. The Dubs need more talent if they want to return to title contention, but owner Joe Lacob has a different plan in mind.

He wants his franchise out of the luxury tax to avoid repeater penalties. The Dubs would have to severely limit their spending and make several difficult choices to get there. It would effectively end their dynasty and shrink the talent around Stephen Curry. Do the Warriors try to contend or avoid the luxury tax?

Golden State will make moves this summer, and some of them will draw the ire of fans. Expect a few favorites to be wearing a different uniform in the 2024-25 season. These unpopular moves are worth exploring.

5. Trade Kevon Looney

Looney was part of three championship teams and started for the Warriors during much of their 2022 title run. The 6’9 big man was comfortable in his role and helped the Dubs win on and off the court. Loon is always available and ready to make an impact whenever his number was called.

His play and production slipped this season, so much so that Trayce Jackson-Davis passed him in the rotation. Looney had his streak of 290 straight games played snapped on March 7. Now, the Warriors have a difficult decision on his contract this summer.

Looney has $3 million of his $8 million guaranteed for the 2024-25 season. Do the Warriors release him and eat the $3 million or try to trade him? They may have to attach a draft pick or two to convince someone to take on his expiring contract. Golden State should explore that route, especially if they plan to dip out of the tax. Looney’s $3 million could be the difference.

There will be a handful of rebuilding teams willing to take on salary. Kevon Looney is a strong leader and has championship experience. Some organization will want the 28-year-old big man, especially if Golden State is willing to add a couple of second-round draft picks to the deal.

Salary dumping Kevon Looney may be unpopular, but the Golden State Warriors must explore it and other moves if they plan on cutting their spending.