No Movement From Meetings

Derek Fisher seemed more optimistic last week, heading into this past Tuesday. But now, with Tuesday come and gone, Fisher seems more than pessimistic than ever. The season looks like it will be lost or started late by the lack of progress to come out of the meetings. Owners are unwillingly to budge from their hard salary cap. Players want to keep their money. That seems to the huge speed bump that is in the way of getting a deal done. Now there are talks that the players union are looking to decertify with the urging from their agents.

No matter which way you look at this situation, it is not a good situation for either party or all three parties. Owners, though many are willingly to sit on the lockout, will end up losing money by losing casual fans who would be more than turned off in tuning into NBA games. Players, if there is a lockout this year, will lose this year’s salary and may not make as much in the future with new contracts. And fans will lose some form of entertainment, unable to watch a great sport during the winter months. So in a sense it is only about dollars and only dollars. Both owners and players will end up losing money while fans will end up losing an entertainment.

Can the season be saved?

At this point, it would seem highly doubtful. Training camp is a little more than a month away but there is no good word that a deal is in place. With the first game of the season to be played on November 1, it would seem like this is another NFL situation and how the lack of preparation has already affected some teams. Lucky for the NBA, they have 82 games to make up, gel and perfect their sets before the games start to count towards the season. J.A. Adande, a writer for the NBA, seems to think the only way the lockout will end will be on the owners’ term and only the owners’ term. I don’t necessary agree with him, but I don’t disagree with him either. The only way a lockout ends is when both sides can live with each other’s propositions. Until then, it will be difficult to imagine an NBA season for the 2011-2010 year.

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