Mar 8, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin (7) dribbles the ball against the Golden State Warriors in the first quarter at ORACLE arena. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Warriors Interested In Bringing Back Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin got his start in 2010 with the Golden State Warriors, signing as an undrafted free agent. Since then, he has gone from New York to Houston, developing into a solid NBA pro, and even captivating the nation for a few months when he absolutely went berserk while playing for the Knicks.

Well, “Linsanity” could end up back where he started. According to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group, the Warriors are interested in trading for Lin from the Rockets. No deal is imminent, and it is contingent on the Rockets’ interest in signing LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. Because it would take a max contract to lure James or Anthony to Houston, the Rockets must shed salary, and Lin is due to make $14.9 million next season in the final year of his contract. The Rockets have already shed Omer Asik’s salary by trading him to the Pelicans, and it appears that Lin is next on the block.

But who could possibly be willing to pay Lin nearly $15 million? Enter the Warriors, who have the luxury of a $9.8 million trade exception. This trade exception expires on July 10, so the Warriors might as well as use it. According to Thompson, only $8.37 million of Lin’s salary next season will count against the salary cap, so the Warriors can essentially acquire Lin without worrying about any financial obstacles with the exception of going into the luxury tax.

So, money aside, what could Lin bring to the Warriors? He is a far cry from the player who scored 2.6 points per game for Golden State during his rookie season. He is a legitimate NBA point guard, and a very viable backup for Stephen Curry — a better option than the erratic Jordan Crawford or the passive Steve Blake. Lin is aggressive, and can create shots for others, something neither Crawford nor Blake did last season. He can also spot up and hit threes, which fits the Warriors offense. Lin averaged 12.5 points and 4.1 assists in 71 games with the Rockets last season.

Perhaps there are other options the Warriors are considering to use their trade exception on, but presumably they would look at players who have expiring contracts and are unwanted by their current team, since the Warriors don’t want to give up too much in return.

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  • Henry Black

    If they can also pry the Pelican’s 1st rounder from Houston I would say its a pretty decent move. Then offer T-Wolves Thompson + Lee + 1st rounder for Love. Then T-Wolves can probably move Martin’s contract to another team if they include that 1st rounder.

    • blaiyan

      No. Klay + Lee are worth way more than love.

      • coltraning

        really? On what basis? Love is a top 10 player full stop. It is debatable whether Klay is top 5 and Lee is top 10 at their positions, let alone for the whole league. Love is the same age as Klay and Steph and 6 years younger than Lee. Love was 5th in the entire league in RAPM last year, +5.0 per 100 possessions. Lee was 141st at 0.4 and Klay was 85th at 1.5, not to mention win shares, etc…Love is easily a top 10 player in the league. Put him with the best shooting PG in the league as opposed to the worst shooting PG in the league (Rubio) and it is lights out.

        • blaiyan

          If people actually watched warriors games you wouldn’t have to ask me why they are so valuable. Like I said somewhere else. If you want to get younger just wait a year. What I do know is klay is a future superstar SG in the NBA and Lee is an under appreciated star PF. Klay is a great shooter from midrange and three and can get inside to score. Plus he’s become respected for being a hard clean defensive player. Lee is an amazing PF who can shoot midrange, score multiple ways in the post and hustles for rebounds. You wouldn’t even be talking about the warriors if it weren’t for these two men. All you people are looking at is seeing who is labeled a superstar being on the same team. None of you’ll even thought a thing about steph before 2013. Now he’s labeled a superstar and all these crazy suggestions of who to pair up with him come out. They have a great squad and just need more time.

          • Henry Black

            If you actually watched Minny games you would realize everything you said about Lee, you can say about Love. Plus he’s 6 years younger and an even better rebounder, ridiculous outlet passer and one of the best volume 3pt shooting bigs in the league. There is not a single player in the league that has the skill set Love does. That is a fact. No one else in the NBA grabs over 10 boards a game AND shoots over 35% from 3, and definitely not at the crazy volume he does it at. He shoots as many 3′s per game as Klay! He’s able to do it because most bigs have a slow set shot. He has a quicker release much more like a wing player. Oh btw he also happens to lead all power forwards in assists as well.

            Klay is becoming this, Klay is becoming that, that’s all speculation. He’s 24 not 19. If he was really such an amazing prodigy why can’t he learn how to rebound, get to the rack or pass the ball to the open man? Kevin frickin’ Martin gets to the line more then twice as often as Klay playing 3.5 minutes less per game. Kevin Love doubles Klay’s assist numbers. Love at 25 has the combination of skills no big in the league has been able to emulate. While Klay at 24 is learning shooting guard basics?

            We haven’t even gotten to the money issue yet. Klay wants max which is $14m to $15m a year! You really think he’s worth that? Even if he takes a discount to stay on the Warriors that is $12m a year? So you are fine with Klay and Lee eating $27m of the cap? Lee is 31 and coming off possible nerve damage! Ask Nash how that’s going for him. Its a blessing that Minny is willing to take him…

          • blaiyan

            “If you actually watched Minny games”. I don’t unless they play the raptors, warriors and rockets. Nothing against the franchise I’m just not interested in them.

            “everything you said about Lee, you can say about Love”. Sure, which is why part of the point is why is love worth both lee and klay? Having a three point shot in your arsenal is nice and getting assist is cool but that’s what your PG is for. Both lee and bogut are good passer’s for big men. They don’t need to average as many assist as love to be effective.

            We’re saying klay is becoming this and that because he actually is. Klay is a SG not a PF and C. How many rebounds he gets in his role is irrelevant. He’s mostly catch & shoot and then back on defense. So his role isn’t to look for assist it’s to score. Getting to the line is not based only on you. He drives to the basket more. Whether the ref calls a foul determines his free throw attempts. They say the same thing about steph. It is irrelevant. Stop trying to use these things as arguments.

            I’m sure klay could get a max contract from someone desperate to rip him away from warriors but he could also understand what they’re trying to build and take a lower offer. We don’t know yet. Warriors claimed they’d pay to keep him but organizations say all kinds of stuff until it comes down to it. Do I think he’s worth it now? No. Will he be? Yes. 10M at most is what I’d offer. Of course I’m fine with them making that much. The warriors signed Iguodala for all that money knowing klay was going to be valuable. Let them pay. I’ve heard nothing about Lee and nerve damage and Nash is 40. And you really want to go the injury route for love vs. lee on this one?

          • bate

            I completely agree with you. The people who are saying Love should go to GS only care about having more than one superstar on a team. They probably didn’t care about the Warriors until Curry’s break out 2012 season. In my honest opinion, what the starting five have now is better than replacing that team chemistry with an All Star. The Spurs showed us this season that a built team is way better than any bought team and if the Warriors plan on getting better, I say keep their starters and build them into superstars. They should be working on improving their bench instead of trying to fix what isn’t broken. Keep Klay. They already lost the coach they respected and connected with. Losing another piece of the team is going to do more bad than good.

        • gmoney

          It is simple inclusion of Kevin Love does not make Warriors a contender, Exclusion of Klay and inclusion of Barnes does into a trade with Lee does make the Warrior 5 look formidable … so i do believe this deal is in a limbo … the warriors meantime can keep adding to their roster

        • tootskie

          Kevin Love are in the mold of James Hogden and Carmela……stat padding plays no defense me first attitude,big ego ballhogs of the nba.

  • italksorg

    No way! Don’t go to Warriors.

  • blaiyan

    Just pointing this out because I make mistakes often but in the first paragraph you said, “for a few months went” instead of ‘when’.

    As a lin fan I definitely think getting out of that situation is best for him. I want to see lin in a starting role on a team that will let him play PG (magic?). If I can’t get that this is something I could go for. But i’ve heard kerr (who I don’t like) comment on lin in games and he just comes off as a jealous, lin hater. Lin going from one coach who hates him to another seems like a bad move. But lin and steph together? My two favorite point guards in the league? oh man. He’d probably even resign for 4-6m if offered. Then again I think I remember lin saying being on the warriors was a bad time for him. So I’m not sure.

    I’m curious. Why is everyone assuming these guys must get a max contract? Maybe they just want to win more than stacking paper?

    • PPP

      Time has changed and lin has improved a lot since his rookie season. Not too optimistic thst kerr would be the coach for lin if really traded. He apparently jealous about lin’s fame and pretty much a lin hater. But then, its only one year if things dont work out.

    • oa92000

      who was warriors coach when lin was there??

      • blaiyan

        Honestly I didn’t pay much attention to him then. I know he has a relationship with keith smart who took over for that short period so I don’t think he was his problem. I think it was because he didn’t get a lot of playing time and played poorly when he did. Just the expectations from home town fans too or something. I’d have to find the article to be accurate so I wouldn’t take my word for it.

  • Adult Supervisor

    That would be a great deal for the Warriors. Not so great for the Rockets. Lin is a hard worker who gets better every year.

    • oa92000

      Lin 20+pts/6 ast as main ball handler, wjhen harden or melo were not in the game.. no writers in NBA talk about it.. are they racist or blind??

      • Seymore Foxhole

        pls get this guy outta here so these kind of idiot comments will go to the west coast now..dear lord !

        • blaiyan

          Dear lord what? Is he supposed to sympathize with you hating on his servant? Did you not see Lin’s picture and name on the article? You clicked on it just to hate. And then act like somebodies bothering you lol.

          The rockets and warriors are both in the western conference so your comment makes no sense to me.

  • Daniel Lau

    No please, that’s a very bad contract. Rockets deserve to be f’ed up by signing that contract.

    Besides, why do we need to help them signing Lebron?

    • Whitman Lam

      Rockets won’t get Lebron, they are going after Melo, who will destroy their locker room faster than Gilbert Arenas with an AK47.

  • Tim Nguyen

    Lin to Golden State would be a terrible move for both parties….Lin is looking to start, get his career back on track…..backing up Stephen Curry is not where he wants to be….Houston should trade him to a bad team in need of a starting point guard…..Milwaukee, Orlando…..heck even New York is a viable option at this point….but case in point Mr. Lin needs to start not sit…

  • Anonymous

    Great, another team who can be justified in burying Lin on the bench with limited minutes. No thanks. Can we PLEASE get Lin his own team? That’s what his fans want. I can’t believe there isn’t a team that can’t use Lin with his full skill set.
    Knicks – after they lose melo
    Bulls – after it becomes clear that Derrick Rose is never going to play at his previous level ever again
    Timberwolves – dump Rubio, he’s not in Lin’s class and Lin could make actually make that dual small guard backcourt WORK for the first time in all the years the ‘wolves have tried it.

  • Houstonrocketfan

    Jeremy will be a part-time PG again in Golden State Warriors?

  • Richard Truong

    Even with a $9.8 trade exception, I still wouldn’t do it.

  • Truth Teller

    Lin really needs to look for a new team after this season. Hes underused in Houston because Mcfail can’t coach. Being a backup is ok, but he has far more potential than that.

    • Whitman Lam

      Yeah, the funny thing is … Lin is probably the only player on the Rockets who listens to Coach McHale in the huddles. Harden and Parsons pretty much ignore him and do their own thing … which usually turns out to be ISO on offense. Lin gets the blame when in fact he is the only player who buys into the team strategy.

  • SuperLinsanity

    Jeremy Lin is true MVP of NBA. Linsanity 2.0 is returns back.
    Jeremy Lin is gooder basketball player than Kevin Durant or Lebron James.
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    on December 10.
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    Let’s get this guy out of Houston. Houston treats him like crap. Lin deserves better support from coach up to management. This guy is pure class. Give him an opportunity and he will deliver.