3 things Golden State Warriors need from DeMarcus Cousins to win Finals

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(Photo by Jane Tyska/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors, with no Kevin Durant, need a big performance in both Game 6 and 7 from DeMarcus Cousins if they want the ultra-rare three-peat.

There’s no denying it: The Golden State Warriors three-peat chances are in grave danger. They’ve been so since their Game 4 loss, leaving them in an almost irrecoverable 3-1 hole that only one team in Finals history has come out of.

Now 3-2, the Warriors just have to win two straight games to be crowned as champs for the third-straight season. However, they’ll be without Kevin Durant and there’s no hope for his return like there was early on in the series.

Whether you think it was ignorant or not of him to play, the deed is done, and the Warriors are going to have to live with the results. Durant, who many think has a torn Achilles, is clearly out for the remainder of the series.

That leaves a void.

The Warriors need scoring, but they also need defense. They need someone to step up especially with Kevon Looney also potentially out for Game 6. An already short-handed roster, DeMarcus Cousins must be that man.

In both Game 2 and Game 5, Cousins thrived. They need that type of dominance from him. They signed him with this goal in mind, and with him on the brightest stage for the first time in his career, it’s his time to shine.

But, without too much trust from Kerr, Cousins must do a few things flawlessly.

That said, let’s get into what Cousins must do to get on the court, stay on the court and help the Dubs thrive while on the court in both Game 6 and 7.

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