I Know I Promised.....

I know, I know. I even promised on the last post that it would be the last time I talk about Stephen Jackson, and his impending departure. But how can I help it, when his antics are screaming across headlines on several different fronts. Just last night, the commentators were commentating about the Stephen Jackson situation. This morning the NBA sports section of Yahoo!, has a massive article about this dilemma by Marc J. Spears, and even SportsNation, Warriors Blog made something of there is, “No I in Team.” What else can I do, but do my duty and comment on the situation even further. Now rumors have been stirring from the Warriors locker room, that even after a beating of the Wolves, the Jackson situation is further distracting the team and that the chemistry of the team won’t get better until the situation is solved.  This is getting quite ridiculous. Even Jackson’s agent is blasting Coach Nellie. Though I’m not too much of a fan of the coach, having your agent talk smack against the coach is just adding the to the pile. According to different sources, the Warriors are no longer looking to fix the relationship with Jackson but rather hope that they can settle this situation and move on, without him. And there is only one solution to this major problem: Pack his bags and kick him out. Ah! If only that was that easy. But moving Jackson is a big problem, because of his big contract. His three years and $28 million remaining are making teams that want the veteran swing-man shy away because of the class of free agency next week. The most serious team out there that would be willingly to take on that hefty contract are the Cleveland Cavaliers. But they don’t want to part ways with their big center,  Zydrunas Illgauskas and the Warriors would like to add a big body to their small roster. But with that said, the trade is not even in motion and the likely hood of Jackson moving on that easily is again just a dream. Jackson did say that he would like to stay as a Warrior, if they were only going to trade him to another rebuilding team. However, I don’t think that Jackson has a no trade clause in his contract, so if I could dump him anywhere, I would. Even Jackson, knows that it is business and that the  business will do whatever is best for the business. This has a been a roller coaster ride that has not been fun at all. I’m ready to get off and start anew with some other player. Like my other posts in the past, this is past the point of no return, and adding to validate that point, several of Jackson’s teammates tell their disgusted feelings about this situation. I can hardly wait until a rumor comes up and becomes reality of when Jackson, all but disappears from this team and this situation. Then I think that the Warriors will have something else, and more positive thing to look forward to for the rest of the season.

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