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Golden State Warriors' San Francisco Arena Status Report

2017 is a long way off, but there’s already been plenty of news on the Golden State Warriors’ plans for a shiny new arena on San Francisco’s piers 30-32. Here at Blue Man Hoop, we’ll keep you periodically updated on the latest developments on the arena front. And guess what else…links!

  • A citizens advisory committee is in place to give some community input (and probably complaints) about the proposed construction.
  • Warriors brass met with the aforementioned citizens advisory committee and tried to grease the community skids for the monstrous architectural undertaking.
  • Joe Lacob and Peter Guber hired some big, Norwegian guns to build this thing.
  • Ellen Warner was hired as Vice President of Development. She’ll be the person managing the whole project. This lady’s got some serious experience getting big, seemingly unmanageable projects off the ground and completed.
  • The whole arena project is going to cost just $5 million! Oh, wait, that’s the Santa Cruz arena for the Warriors’ D-League franchise. That seemed a little low. My mistake.
  • Here are some pretty awesome artist depictions of what the arena will look like. If it ends up looking half as awesome as the sketches, it’ll easily be the most visually impressive basketball arena ever constructed. Just incredible.
  • It also looks like the Warriors’ new digs won’t be as spacious as their current ones.
  • Apparently, Warriors fans aren’t the only ones eager to see the new building. The proposed arena was named the world’s most anticipated sports venue.
  • Despite some community resistance, things are moving forward, and the Warriors hope to have an initial term sheet to the city of San Francisco. The term sheet will detail the project’s estimated completion date, cost and sources of funding.

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