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Stephen Curry's Ankle Injury, Part 46

So, it happened again last night.

In the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ preseason contest against the Trail Blazers in Portland, Stephen Curry got tangled up in a mini-scrum with Wes Matthews and emerged limping. Matthews had “rolled up” on Curry’s twice-surgically-repaired right ankle.

I’d like to say my heart skipped a beat, but that’d be inaccurate. See, this whole scenario has played out too many times over the last 18 months for it to register as a shock. There’s nothing surprising about the same thing happening over and over again. Instead, sticking with anatomical exaggeration, I’d say Curry’s latest stumble made my stomach turn. Or maybe it made my heart sink.

Whatever. The point is, it did something unpleasant to my guts.

How about this analogy?

If your house has been robbed three times over the past year, are you surprised when you return home from work to see the lock on the front door busted out and the door hanging crazily on broken hinges? No. You’re resigned, sick, disappointed. You’re incredulous that this keeps happening, especially with all the precautions you’ve taken. Mostly, you’re wondering why you still live in a neighborhood like this.

That’s how it felt last night when Curry came up hobbling. Everybody knew what happened and everybody knew that no matter what the news was—apparently, the Warriors and Curry are calling it minor, and are assuaging the distraught masses by emphasizing that Curry asked to return to the game—that this was a very, very bad thing.

Is it time to move on from Curry, which in this case would mean not offering him the extension he’s rumored to be receiving before Halloween? I guess that’d constitute moving out of the neighborhood in the robbed-house analogy.

Who knows?

One thing’s certain, though: Curry’s latest tweak has absolutely cost him millions of dollars. He probably wasn’t going to get a max contract offer before this, and he’s definitely not getting one now. In a lot of ways, it gives the Warriors a ton of leverage in negotiations. Now we know that no amount of surgical repair or rehab can save Curry’s ankle from repeated injury. The thing’s a time bomb. It’s just a matter of how many seconds, minutes, hours or years are on the clock.

So, Warrior fans, steel your nerves, guard your hearts and settle your stomachs. The Stephen Curry Ankle Saga is far from over.

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