Growing Pains, Groomed Rookies

 As the 08-09 season came to an abrupt halt, can we make anything sweet from the lemons we saw all year? When the top eight rotational players missed 20 games, its no wonder they finished the season an abysmal 29-53. Shimmers of hope for the future came not from known stars like Crawford, Jackson, or Ellis, but of new comers to the NBA. Both Anthony’s, Randolph and Morrow showed there just might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Whom finally got they’re chance to earn stripes, due to the injury plagued team. In the last 12 games Randolph averaged 13.5 point, and 10.5 rebounds per game. “We’re very comfortable with his development this year”, Coach Nelson said, “I’m positive about that, I wasn’t positive early, so there’s a change. I think he’s made a nice step and I feel good about the direction he’s going.” Morrow, the Un-Drafted Rookie, was also the First Rookie to lead the NBA in 3pt percentage after Nov. 15 08′. 

 Its easy to use youth as an excuse for poor performance, especially when your team is the youngest in the league, as the Warriors we’re in 08-09. But lets face it, the warriors had lack of any true leadership. From the coach spending games benched, by him self, and “veteran” players deciding they needed a night off here and there. Not only were players like Jackson missing the last ten games over a toe injury, when he did play i saw no passion. Leadership moves the team to greatness. When have you ever worked harder, when your boss called in sick?

 Over all Coach Nelson was some how pleased by the season “I’m not disappointed at all. I anticipated a hard year, and it was a hard year,” Head Coach Don Nelson said, “I’m very pleased with how the young guys have been productive and have grown with the minutes they have received.” There was some growth, but the majority coming from his two year 12 million dollar extension. So once again, the Bay area is left with the same expression that won this years presidency, “Hope”, the the next year.


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