Ugh..... I'm Sick Of This. Enough Already!

I swear, this is going to be the last post about Stephen Jackson and his situation with the Warriors.  It’s getting ugly and boring and really a distraction to a team that needs all the focus it can get. We’ve got a young team and someone who was supposed to provide leadership, stability and maturity has not done so. So in fact, as the GM and the owner, they should take a step back and realize that the relationship is over. We’ve got to trade him, move on and nurse our wounds. I’m so tired of reading and hearing news of the saga, it’s sickening. So finally what did we learn?

1. We thought Jackson would be a mature leader, especially after giving him the “Captain” title.  Let’s be serious for a moment. I personally believe that he was given this title because, well who else do you give it to? Your PG walked away to the Clips and then you had just traded Jason Richardson to some other team, who else has the “skills” to be the leader. Imagine the title be given to, Andris Biedrins? You think Jackson would really like that idea, listening to an unproven player? Well this has worked out really bad I think.

2. Jackson’s greedy. He said it himself, “he was born at night, not last night.” So he didn’t test the free agency market, but rather picked up a $30 million/ year extension for 3 years because he wanted the money.

3. Management needs help. This obvious. Obviously, they should have consulted someone about offering an extension to Jackson, who was clearly declining and BUT still had trade value. Maybe we could have traded for a better player and when I mean better player, I don’t just mean on the court stuff. Stuff in the locker room and team cohesiveness is very crucial to winning, in a long season. Just ask the past champions.

4. Time to move. Jackson wants out, I want out and so does a lot of basketball people. It’s clear that Jackson was never a good guy in a sense he could never appreciate what the franchise did for him. They rebuilt his image, he was a superstar, not just a role player, and he was making tons of money. I was reading some article and it said that Jackson had won a championship with the Spurs. Man, I don’t even remember seeing him on the bench, let alone win a championship! Clearly the writing is the wall and both sides just need to close the deal to get out.

With all that said, I wish him the best of luck. I hope he isn’t like Stephon Marbury, who has clearly lost his mind and is more a distraction to a team than depth. I hope we get this saga done with soon, because it is annoying to hear and watch. And I want the Warriors to win some games.

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