Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry or Andrew Bogut the Bigger Injury Risk?

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Asking who the bigger injury risk for the Golden State Warriors is this year—between Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut—is like asking which new episode of MTV’s Teen Mom is going to be more depressing. Either way, you’ve got a great chance of being right (and disappointed at the same time).

By now, the medical histories of Curry and Bogut feel like a well-worn book, examined over and over again by diligent and concerned readers. Everybody knows Curry’s bum ankle cost him most of the season last year. He sprained the thing a handful of times, often without even contacting another human being. To call his right ankle balky is an understatement. It’s epically unstable. But maybe that’s all changed after a surgery in April and an offseason of devoted rehab leading up to a contract year.

Bogut had ankle problems of his own, although his were a little different than Curry’s. The new Warriors center blew out his ankle when he landed awkwardly against the Houston Rockets, breaking it and missing the all but a month last year. He’s got a much scarier, more catastrophic injury history than Curry does, which cuts both ways in the comparison of who’s more likely to go down again.

You see, Bogut’s injuries could be attributed to some rotten luck. He grotesquely mangled his right arm in 2010 when he slammed home a fast-break dunk, received a little push in the back from Amare Stoudemire (then of the Phoenix Suns) and plummeted awkwardly to the floor. He dislocated his elbow, broke his wrist and turned stomachs all at once. The injury was gruesome. You can search for the video yourself; I’m not sure I want to be the one to lead you to it.

Bad luck or not, though, Bogut’s been pretty banged up since he was drafted first overall in 2005. That means he’s been under the knife a fair amount, and you’re never really the same after you hit the operating table, regardless of how you got there.

Curry’s avoided the breadth and severity of Bogut’s injuries, but he’s certainly cornered the market on repeated and inexplicable ankle turns.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say who’s more likely to visit the trainer’s room more next season.

But, based on the most recent news, it’s looking like Curry is healthier right now. He’s already playing one-on-one and skipping around like nothing was ever wrong. Bogut, on the other hand, isn’t yet cleared to run.

Although I wish the question in the headline had a third answer option (none of the above), I’ll venture to guess that Bogut is more likely to have injury issues this season than Curry is. I don’t want to be right, but between the two of them, there’s just too strong a chance that somebody won’t make it through the year.

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