2013 NBA Draft: Picking The Winners Of the Draft


The 2013 NBA Draft has passed, and it’s time to pick some winners.

So, our draft experts weighed in:

Ben Pickman, Staff Writer:

Cleveland won the NBA draft. They had three draft picks this year and stocked up at multiple positions. Anthony Bennett adds a post-up presence and physical body to the Cavs’ roster. Sergey Karasev provides solid perimeter shooting from behind the arc, and Carrick Felix provides more perimeter depth from the shooting guard position. Cleveland now has young depth at multiple positions, and hopefully with a healthy and more improved Kyrie Irving, they should be poised for a postseason run next season.

Dhara Taheripour, Featured Columnist 

While many would argue that the 76ers, Jazz or even the Timberwolves improved their standings post-draft day, the true winner were the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs enjoyed their second first overall pick in three years. In 2011, they selected All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. They complemented their talented young squad with great all-around player in Anthony Bennett, a high IQ shooter Sergey Karasev, trade asset Allen Crabbe and Carrick Felix.

The Cavaliers already had a very young squad but this draft seems like the cherry on top for a franchise that has had some problems since LeBron James’ departure. Irving could be the main shot creator for guys that aren’t exactly known for their one-on-one abilities. Bennett and Karasev add some great scoring and floor-spacing options, while Felix is a great defender and would add ability on both ends of the floor.

The Cavaliers demonstrated what a good draft looks like: stockpiling picks, doing the research, picking players and assets and generally adding young talent to a team that has a bright future.

Joe Moore, Featured Columnist

I think the 76ers did very well on draft night.  It is clear that they did not like the long-term potential of their roster, which would soon be financially bound.  If they planned on blowing it up, this was likely the best way to do it.  Picking up Nerlens Noel and a pick in the loaded 2014 draft, though Top 5 protected, gives the Sixers high value for Jrue Holiday and a jumpstart on their rebuild.  I would not expect them to re-sign Andrew Bynum, and would guess that Evan Turner, especially given the analytical background of new GM Sam Hinkie, is on his way out.
I like the Trey Burke pick-up a lot for the Jazz.  I think that he will be a much better player than the 14th and 21st picks (Minnesota took Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng) would have become.

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