May 1, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Crawford (55) dribbles the basketball during the second quarter in game six of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Clippers 100-99. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Should The Golden State Warriors Keep Jordan Crawford?

It’s fair to say that the Jordan Crawford experiment did not go as planned.

On January 15th, when the Golden State Warriors acquired the shooting guard from the Boston Celtics, they hoped they were getting the Jordan Crawford who had just played the best two months of his NBA career. Crawford won the Eastern Conference player of the week the week of December 9th . Months later, the best week of Jordan Crawford’s career seems like a light-year ago.

Crawford averaged a mere 15.7 minutes and 8.4 points for the Warriors this season. By contrast, he averaged 30.7 minutes and 13.7 points per game with the Celtics before the trade.

The Warriors should not bring back Crawford. He is a true defensive liability. He struggles defending on isolation and on pick and rolls. Offensively, he is reckless as well. Crawford-run screen and rolls scored a mere 26.7 percent of the time. And 19 percent of the time Crawford committed turnovers when running screen and rolls.

The Warriors can offer a $ 3.2 million qualifying offer which would allow the Warriors to match any opposing team’s contract, but why would the Warriors do such a thing?

Does three years and eight to ten million dollars of Jordan Crawford really seem like a smart decision?

The Warriors need point guard depth. We know that. That’s why they brought in Crawford. That’s why months later they traded away Kent Bazemore for old man Steve Blake.

But Crawford did not get off the bench during the playoffs and his inconsistent play and inability to run the point was prevalent. He is still only 25 years old, but in four NBA seasons Crawford has played on four teams. That’s not a coincidence.

It would not be shocking if the Warriors did decide to bring back Crawford but there are better options if the Warriors truly want a backup point guard. Shaun Livingston, Devin Harris, Patty Mills and Grevis Vasquez are all free agents and better options for the Warriors than Crawford. Cheaper veterans such as Luke Ridnour and Kirk Hinrich are also free agents that could be signed to minimum deals. The Warriors should bring back Steve Blake over Crawford.

Crawford’s youth is part of what makes him an attractive player to bring back, but its also part of his problem. The Warriors could bring him back, but there are better options then the inconsistent point guard to fill the Warriors backup point guard spot.

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  • Jay

    I do agree with you somewhat, we dont need Crawford back, but it wouldn’t really hurt us if we kept him. We need to stay young when it comes to bench depth and not try to hit homes runs in getting aging vets who can not stay healthy a full season. I like the idea of adding Patty Mills or Shaun Livingston, but i think it will be too hard for the Dubs to pull it off (they will get big money thrown at them this summer). Shaun Livingston might be possible I can see Klay or Steph transitioning well with him or Patty besides them. I wouldnt even be mad if we were able to trade D. LEE for Asik and Lin we get depth and quality, but I’m sure moving him will be harder than we expect. So getting depth and building a solid bench is more likely. I just wish we didn’t sign Andre last summer, yes hes great on defense, but he doesnt produce enough on offense to justify his pay. Also it didnt leave room for Harrison to improve, which overall will effect us being able to move him elsewhere. Long summer to go but if everybody works on their game we will see improvements. Not a fan of Bogut, hate that the front office acts like hes not movable, but an athletic big will out play him 9 out of 10 times.

    • Ben Pickman

      But the Iggy move is in the past. He didn’t justify his play this season I agree. I think Klay is actually our best wing defender not Iggy. I agree. I don’t think we will end up getting Livingston or Mills. Mills made himself a ton of money with his game five performance and Livingston was great all year for the NEts and a team like the Knicks or Heat have space and could use him. That’s a ton of ifs you bring up. It could hurt us though. He is not a great player and its clear the Warriors want to win and win now, if a vet such as Ridnour or Hinrich fits better then we should sign them.

  • methuselah46

    It was clear early on that Crawford is not a point guard, but as a backup shooting guard he’s not to bad. You might call him Jamal Crawford Lite. There are worse options. I say keep him around if the price is right. As noted above, he is young and has growth potential. I’d like to see what he can grow into with some good coaching and a full training camp to learn the W’s (new) system.

  • Jhaen Mascoll

    I would not keep him nor Steve blake. I won’t trade fro Kevin love or any other superstar either (unless Cousins, just cause I am a big fan). The team just needs to have the starting lineup of Bogut, Green, Iggudala, Thompson and Curry. Barnes as the 6th man till iggi gets older. Then trade D. Lee for 3 good bench rotational players. them keep building on their chemistry. they will get really good.

    • $eany B

      Cousins lol.

      • Jhaen Mascoll

        I know what everyone thinks of him, but somehow I think he will he recognized as a top 5 big guy in the Nba as early as next year. Unstoppable. Plus he is showing signs of maturity.

        • $eany B

          I rate him as a good player too, but the dude is a loose cannon…he has tantums on the court like a child.

  • Gwydion Rhys

    Didn’t even mention the real liability. He seems unaware that he has anyone else playing beside him. Always 1 on 5. A resounding no.

  • afannaz

    trading bazemore for crawford was like trading for the same player. they both play out of control, undisciplined, me-first basketball. they’re both trying to prove themselves in seemingly desperate ways, and are for the most part, ineffective. bazemore was fun until he got into games, and crawford didn’t seem to fit the teams’ demeanor at all.