Mar 23, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels guard Reggie Bullock (back), forward Tyler Zeller (44), and forward John Henson (31) defend Ohio Bobcats guard D.J. Cooper (5) as he shoots during the second half of the semifinals in the midwest region of the 2012 NCAA men

Warriors Draft John Henson In Mock Draft

Hey fans!

Well as the GM, I decided that even though it would be nice to get rid of Beidrins and his contract, I thought that Deng and Wright were the same type of player (though I would say that Deng is better than Wright) but at a much cheaper price for the next two years. Also, we’d be paying Deng for two years with about $27 million and then he would be a UFA, so there is not indication he would want to resign here.

Finally, we are also paying an old Richard Jefferson about $10 million this year and he and Jefferson have a player option in 2014, so we are a little tight in the finance department.

I really wish that we saved our amnesty clause to get rid of Beidrins or Jefferson, but I can’t look in the past, I can only look towards the future. The our future looks rather bright.

First, we are getting a new stadium. Should be done sometime in year of 2017 but it should be fantastic and updated compared to where we are now.

Secondly, we’ve “drafted” John Henson from the University of North Carolina. At 6’10” and around 255 lbs, he’ll certainly help the Warriors, who are looking for another big man to help. While David Lee has been impressive, his surrounding casts of big men are unproven or coming back from injury. The Warriors got a big man in Andrew Bogut last year after a blockbuster trade, but the man is injury prone and hasn’t looked his all-star from in a couple of years. Bring in a young guy who has the height and the skill set to help this team and give the Warriors a look they haven’t had in years.

While this is all fun and games over here, the reality is, I do hope that the Warriors can draft Henson. The guy should still be on the board when the Warriors number is being called, but there are no guarantees. I think that the Warriors gave up a good project in Ekpe Udoh when trading for Andrew Bogut last year and Udoh was just getting his grove into being a NBA player. Beidrins’ time has come and gone and I hope that the Warriors can either include him in a trade or maybe even just waive him. He’s taking up a potential roster spot and costing the Warriors around $18 million the next two years with a player option next year. If I was him, I’d take that player option because he won’t get paid on the free agent market and I’d be crazy not to make $9 million and just sit on the bench.

Look for other posts with other “drafts”.

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