The 3 Best Trades In Golden State Warriors' History

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No. 3: Warriors Shake Up Roster

Warriors Receive: Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington

Pacers Receive  Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy

Jackson was one of the last players involved in the Malice at the Palace brawl left on the Pacers’ roster. Though there was much uncertainty attached to the trade, it’s undeniable that Jackson helped spark one of the greatest teams in Warriors’ history.

When the trade was made, the Warriors were 19-20. They had hovered around .500 for nearly three months when the trade was made, and though their record does not necessarily show it (they went 22-20 the rest of the season), their improvements were vast.

The Warriors were a god-awful defensive team for the entire season, but their offense improved significantly when the trade was made. Jackson gave the Warriors a versatile swingman that was unafraid of becoming the team’s star player. The Warriors broke their 12-year streak of missing the playoffs that season and became the first eighth seed ever to beat a first seed in the best-of-seven format.

Jackson eventually became known as “Captain Jack,” and helped the Warriors to a 48-34 record in 2007-08. Despite missing the playoffs in the ultra-competitive Western Conference, the Warriors’ run of two consecutive seasons over .500 is remembered as one of the most exciting things to watch in the NBA during the time.

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  • Federico Rocha

    I would have made the Bogut trade number one. Not because it is largely responsible for re-shaping last year’s team but because to evaluate the Davis or Stephen Jackson trades you really have to look at them together.

    Individually I don’t think they had the impact of the Bogut trade which paved the way for Curry to take over and Thompson to step up. It changed the culture from one where we just played a glorified game of ‘HORSE’ to one where we actually try to implement offensive balance and make an effort to stop people defensively.

    Time will tell about the lasting impact of the Bogut trade but it looks good so far.

    An interesting article would be to trade year to year player transactions. As you mention, so much has to be considered with cash considerations, draft picks, etc that often times the beauty is found not just in the initial players of a trade but the draft rights, ability to resign existing players, etc. It all fits together like a big puzzle.