High-volume Kevin Durant involvement has been Klay Thompson’s kryptonite

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(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

There aren’t many ways to correlate the high-volume usage of Kevin Durant and the play of Klay Thompson, but what we have is rather telling.

Kevin Durant has taken over this postseason but at what cost.

With multiple 40-point performances to dropping 50 on the Clippers in a series-ending Game 6, Durant has been nothing short of spectacular. However, Durant’s high usage could be hurting the Golden State Warriors second splash brother, Klay Thompson.

Throughout the season, Durant has a 29.0 usage rate. Over their last, it’s ballooned to over 31.8. Durant’s only averaged over a 31.8 usage rate during his MVP season and one other. That said, he’s never seen that type of usage while in Golden State.

Simple put, usage rate is the number of plays used by a specific player. Durant’s seemingly more involved. And, when it comes to something like this, when one goes up, another must come down. What’s coming down is the impact of Klay Thompson on the Warriors offense.

If you take just the Western Conference semifinals into account, Thompson has a 19.3 usage rate, down from his 25.6 regular-season rate. Thompson, a player that doesn’t typically take many dribbles to score, has been neutralized in this series.

It’s not necessarily that Klay isn’t getting the looks he’d like either.

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