Role Models

With one role model after another going down in the media as being a cheater, a liar, a weapons carrier, a wife beater, it’s hard to look up to celebrities as well as athletes. Even for a squeaky clean Tiger Woods, his world is crumbling as more and more women come out and speak on his affairs. Now there is even word of a sex tape coming out. So is it hard for young children to have role models? In my opinion, absolutely.  However, to be more optimistic about this, I was watching some NBA games the other day and I noticed something. Many NBA players are now wearing mouth guards. This seem ridiculous and miniscule, but I thought, “Hey, this is something that is being noticed more and maybe a trend to carry on.” What is even better about it, is that stars like LeBron and Dirk Nowitzki wear them. It is a trend that seems to be hitting full steam in the NBA.  Guys like LeBron aren’t just NBA stars but celebrities too. And with that celebrity status, you know whatever they do, fans will always try to do the same thing. Those young players that look up to LeBron for the way he plays, his style, his work ethic they may just pick up on his attire as well and not just clothes off the court but things on the court as well.  This is a good way to save some money, time, pain and most importantly that great smile that everyone has.

If there are no perfect role models, then let’s pick up and carry on great characteristics of those who are suppose to be our role models and hope we can show that greatness for the next set of children.

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