Golden State Warriors Video: Behind the Scenes at Media Day with Stephen Curry

In one of the latest videos from the Golden State Warriors’ always excellent YouTube channel, Stephen Curry, along with a host of other Warriors take us behind the scenes at Warriors Media Day 2012.


Highlights include Andrew Bogut standing upright and walking without a noticeable limp, Stephen Curry doing the same, Festus Ezeli hijacking the mic from Curry, and Jarrett Jack playing the “Look Alike” game with Charles Jenkins.  All in all, it’s hard to imagine a looser group. It’s very clear that the players are getting along, as evidenced by the universally friendly ribbing given and received by everyone involved.

But are there too many nice guys on this team? Everyone seems to like one another. Is this a problem? What’s the win ceiling for a team full of good dudes? These are problems management should have considered when putting together this roster. If the Warriors get off to a slow start, due to an overabundance of general civility, GM Bob Myers better have a few of the NBA’s unsavory characters on speed dial. How much would it cost to sign Dennis Rodman to a 10-day contract?

Symbolically, I think it was a nice choice to allow Curry to orchestrate the video. That’s what starting point guards are supposed to do—get things rolling and then make sure the rest of the roster gets a little shine. Nicely done, Steph.

Finally, I have a gripe. It’s great that the Warriors are giving us a ton of video access into the goings on at media day and even training camp. But how hard is it to get a camera into a few of these preseason games? The opener against the Lakers? Not televised. Game 2 against the Utah Jazz? Not televised, either. In fact, none of the Dubs’ games will be on TV until October 19. Pretty weak, right?

Until then, we’ll have to make do with a little YouTube and KNBR.

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