January 13, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) reacts after being injured during the second half against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 116-105. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors Are in Desperate Need of a Backup Point Guard

I love Stephen Curry.

I love his silky-smooth jump shot, I love his handles, I love his passing ability.

But the two things I don’t love about Stephen Curry make me worry about his Golden State Warriors as a whole.

One: I don’t love his ankles one bit. Two: I don’t love knowing that anyone reading this could contribute to the team as much as the Warriors current backup point guard.

On Wednesday night in Brooklyn, at the end of a seven game road trip, Curry played 45 of 48 minutes. And quite frankly, as the fourth quarter prolonged, he looked tired. Curry’s jumpers were short and he was clearly fatigued. During the road trip, Curry played more than 37 minutes four times. And the other three times, he played 30, 35, and 36 minutes. For a team that has championship aspirations, playing Curry that many minutes at this juncture in the season does not bode particularly well.

Against the Nets, Kent Bazemore and Toney Douglas played a combined six minutes. Against the Miami Heat earlier in the week, they played a combined seven minutes. In the Warriors overtime win against the Cavs, Bazemore played a mere four minutes and Douglas rested. I could go on and on.

The Warriors’ point guard spot scores 24.8 points per game, and 23.1 points are a result of Curry. Reason one is the main reason though why reason two makes me weary of the Warriors ceiling.

Curry has shown that his ankles are fragile. And while he has been relatively healthy this season, (knock on wood) he could sprain his ankle at any moment and miss multiple games as a result.

In recent days, the Warriors have reportedly been interested in both Andre Miller and Kirk Hinrich. Hinrich could be especially interesting if the Warriors trade for him.

The 10 year veteran from the University of Kansas has shown signs of fatigue this season as he is down in shooting percentage, three point shooting percentage, assists, and up in turnovers. But he is still a proven veteran and a very capable backup guard.

In Derrick Rose’s absence, Hinrich is the Bulls’ best point guard and plays on average 30.7 minutes per game, far too many for a player of Hinrich’s age and ability. Though Hinrich’s three-point shooting numbers are down this season, he shoots 54.6 percent from the right corner and 35.5 percent from the left side of the three-point arc.

Whether the Warriors are able to trade for Hinrich, Miller or even the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry — though those chances are slim to none at this point — is yet to be seen, but the Warriors are in desperate need of someone to back up Curry.

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  • Carla Jacobs

    it’s really unfortunate that the W’s bench absolutely sucks, because even if they only minimally sucked, they’d beat just about everybody, all the time. but, if they can’t somehow get GOOD backups, why bother? i’m starting to think exchanging barnes and bazemore (who would want him?) for someone, wouldn’t be all bad, either. i’m really surprised they haven’t seized the moment, and somehow grabbed a couple of decent bench guys yet. they’re unlikely to last the whole season in good shape if they don’t act ASAP. the W’s organization is taking such a big risk of player injury by delaying the inevitable. the starters can’t go this many minutes much longer.

    also, i don’t mean to sound prejudiced (i know i will anyway), but i think the experiment with the eastern european players needs to come to an end. no more weird, off the wall, close-your-eyes- and-pick-a-name draft picks who’ve only played in turkey, or some other obscure place. or else the W’s need some new scouts in other countries, cause this way isn’t working. anyway, keep rolling Warriors!

    • Ben Pickman

      As someone who actually follows the Euroleague throughout the year and has watched multiple European games in person, European players can make a positive impact in the NBA. They need the right system and need time for adjustment though. Very few european players are able to adjust to the speed of the game immediately. And honestly who could the Warriors have picked that would have been better than Nedovic mid-first round. Like a lot of the players drafted last year have struggled.

      They do need a bench and like you I am starting to worry about Harrison Barnes. He has not shown up recently and they just aren’t using him enough. Barnes is a very good small forward and proved in the playoffs that he can play at the NBA level. But he doesn’t play enough. I do like Green and he is a valuable 7th or 8th guy but he can’t be your best bench player if you want to win a title. Barnes needs to step up and they need a backup. I think Andre Miller or Hinrich could be very helpful if they were get either one. They just need to play 10-12 mins per game.