This off-season has been quit for the Warriors. Something that was was not for a lot of teams, especially for the Miami Heat. Of course, those who have been following my blog, knows that the whole Miami circus has annoyed me. It kills me to see that the game has gotten to this point and claiming they are following the footsteps of the great teams of the Lakers and Celtics. It annoys me all the press they get and I really hope they fail tremendously. With that said, the brightest spot for the Warriors was not the comings and goings of Warriors, but rather the breakout star of Stephen Curry. Young man, lean and a great shooter has found his way on the final 12 for Team USA. With all those who said Monta Ellis was the only superstar on this team, clearly the Warriors saw something in Curry when drafting him at seventh in the draft. For a while, critics and fans alike couldn’t see how the Warriors want a small guard that skinny. Sure, his dad was a great shooter and he was a great shooter in college but we all know those players who done well in college but struggled mightily in the NBA. But now, here we are, a year later, a little bit stronger, a little bit bigger and is on the final 12 for Team USA. What else can you expect?

This is as exciting as when the Warriors defeated the Mavs in the first round a couple of years ago. Sure, there are tons of those are claiming this team is the “B” team, but no matter what, out of all the great players in League, little Steph Curry was able to final 12. It’s not going to be easy for Team USA. With only 12 people on the roster, injuries are gonna be an issue. Curry was hampered by a minor sprain, early in the exhibitions. But his outstanding shooting secured his spot. Currently, the roster is made of up of young, talented, athletic guys. Curry fits because he can open lanes for himself and his teammates with his good shooting. And he’s a pretty good defender. Though a little short, he can bother some of the guards on the European teams, and I honestly don’t think any of the guards on any other European teams are even as talented as Team USA and if Curry can hang in the NBA, he’ll be fine in FIBA.

Needless to say, I’m excited to see Curry to make an impact on Team USA. I won’t get ahead of myself and say that he’ll play big minutes or the important minutes, but I do expect that he will shoot and make baskets when Team USA needs buckets or a bench scorer. Either way, this will help him for the NBA, as he’ll be in great shape come season time and he’ll be working on his skills throughout the summer. GO TEAM USA!

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