Everyone's Talking, No One's Walking

Now that the meeting in NY didn’t amount to anything, pre-season if officially cancelled, while training camp is just postponed. Now on the table, will the regular season suffer the same fate? A deal will have to struck by mid-October before any real games get cancelled. Has anyone panicked? Well, besides the fans, I doubt both sides are panicking. Both sides seem strong headed and ok with waiting the season out. Some players, mostly the aged ones, are prepared to miss a season so that the future can have the same benefits that they were able to enjoy from the last lockout that happened. A majority of the players have yet to make the transition into signing some kind of deal to head overseas to play. Three Nuggets have already given their soul to the Chinese and will play for a team in China without a “get out of jail free card.” The earliest the Nuggets will get the chance at getting their players back will be sometime in March, depending on how their Chinese teams do in the playoffs. Most other NBA players that have committed to playing overseas do have a opt out clause that the minute the NBA season starts, their packing their bags and heading back to their respective teams.

Most players have set their goal by staying in shape and have played in a variety of charity games just to keep in basketball shape. Paul Pierce and Mario Chalmers headlined the alumni game for the Kansas Jayhawks, while Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Chris Paul headed a charity event in Philadelphia recently. And to keep interest in basketball for the country, Melo will be taking his team around to play in more charity games hoping that during one of these travels, the NBA will be calling him to get back to NY and start up training camp. The most important thing for the players is to stick together and it seems from the comments coming out of Melo, there has been no separate agendas within the players camp. They want a deal done and start playing soon.


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