Post Lockout...Oh Wait...

I was hoping that by today, 11/10/11 we would all be somewhere different than we were 133 days before. Unfortunately, unless the paper is signed, the players go back to work and games are no longer cancelled we are no closer for the lockout to end then we did Day 1. Granted, after the press conference by David Stern and Derek Fisher, it seems that things are looking up, but at the same time, they both adamantly stated that there are many things to work on. After a grueling 12 hour session last night, they reconvened today at noon, eastern time and so far nothing has come about. Honestly my hopes and faith are out the window. At this point, more games are going to be cancelled and soon, the NBA will be the 6th most watch sport.
A nice little article by Yahoo had listed how MLS (major league soccer) had jumped the standings with the lack of basketball and the uninterested sport of hockey. Even with a full season, the NBA only ranks third, far behind NFL and MLB. With that said, since most of the lockout is about the “economics”, do the players and owners think that with more games lost, that they’ll be able to save that money they are all losing because games are lost? They did say that 22 out of 30 teams lost money while realistically only 3 teams actually made a profit. Right now, no one is even making money, but rather everyone is losing more money and losing fans which, you guessed it, lost money!

But if no deal is to come tonight, then it has been said that the petition to decertify is ready in the wings and that 30% of the players have already signed it. I think that with the decertification and lost of games should give both players and owners the urgency that is needed to get a deal done. Let’s hope come tomorrow, basketball will be resumed at some point soon.

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