Bob Myers Sends Mark Jackson a Message

Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers dusted his hands off and sat down to admire a job well done. Figuratively, anyway.

And then he fielded questions from reporters. The Warriors’ top personnel decision-maker and most visible face during a bang-up offseason, Myers worked his magic all summer and sat at his August 1 presser a victorious man.

And then he handed his revamped roster over to coach Mark Jackson. Again, figuratively.

In doing so, Myers made it clear that he was pleased with the way he’d transformed the Warriors’ roster. And he’s right to be satisfied—his three draft picks (we’re not counting Ognjen Kuzmic) one trade and three free-agent signings have all been excellent. In just six weeks, he created playoff expectations—maybe even realistic ones. Said Myers:

I called [Jacksonl after the Landry signing, I said, ‘You’ve got something to work with.’ Which I truly believe. And I don’t think he’s running from that challenge. I think he’s embracing it. I think he’s saying: ‘Yeah, I do.’ It’s up to them now to go forward with this group. I don’t know what your guys’ opinions are but I don’t think it’s unfair to ask to go forward and do well with this group of players.

Read between the lines and you’ll see that Myers is sending Jackson a message. He’s telling Jackson that there’ll be no more excuses. The team is deep, balanced and hungry. The assets are in place. Now, after getting a free pass in a rebuilding/tanked 2011-2012, Jackson has to prove he’s worthy of managing them.

Myers wasn’t the man who brought Jackson into this world (former GM Larry Riley presided over his hiring), but he’s the man who’ll take him out of it if Jackson fails. Myers made that message clear on Wednesday.

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  • wilson – Blessed

    Well, now finally, Mark Jackson has been dealt the share fair of cards. Last year shouldn’t count for Mark Jackson, Now just watch Jackson piggy pag on Myer’s magic and toppled that. As somebody once said, and rightfully so. “With an average defense starting team (this is me: but with an above average defense bench) and top five rated offense, we are unquestionably and unequivocally a playoff team”
    Last year’s record was all a fluke, come on now ladies and gentlemen, our record was just a blessing in disguise, the undesirable tanking have paid off like no other team in history (and I know that’s why you are seating there and don’t know exactly what we have in our hands and can’t blame you for it, but stay in your seat and watch us go deep in the playoffs)
    Even with the pieces we had last year, we were a playoff team, don’t laugh, but playoffs was not in our best interest then, inasmuch we hated tanking, as good as we camouflaged looking as bad, we knew it was only a matter of time before, tanking starting paying off, starting with the unthinkable, Harrison Barnes still at 7!? come on? it couldn’t get better than that, not only did he meet our main need, but he was our best player still available, which addresses both of best worlds, 1) Met our main need: position and it also 2) provided the best player available, WOW.
    But our magic destiny began last year, with the Monta Ellis trade (we couldn’t win with small ball, proved over and over) Getting Bogut for Monta Ellis couldn’t have been scrypted any better, Center like Bogut only comes once in a life time and maybe copy catters can come in the forms of D Howard and Bynum, but not close enough, yes we got rid of Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown, but were able to avert disaster by getting Steph Jackson, and we got Ezeli in return and a respectable small forward potential starter in Richardson, not bad for meeting an immediate need, The Ezeli move helped to eased the Udoh and Kwame Brown trade, for he is worth both of them combined. And we got the do it all Green, icing on the cake and a steal at best, wow, we could’ve stayed right there and be happy, but no, we had to get rid of Dorrell Wright whom disappeared on us and the expendable Wright gave up on us last year, great ridance and we were able to get an awesome back up point guard and potential starter in Jarret Jack, Wow. and even more magic from Myers, actually there is more icing on the cake, we got Carl Landry, come on now ladies and gentlemen, Myers is already the GM of the year without even the season starting, I’d just crown him as such right now. But that wasn’t enough, we had to lock Brandon Rush, our specialist, one of our glue guys last year, Wow, We lob Brandon Rush, thank you for keeping your word Myers. The only tarnish and smear and stain on this team is keeping Biedrins instead of Charlie Bell, but that was all Larry Riley and what is it still doing in the team’s payroll any way and what is Biedrins still doing in the roster anyway? Bring Mcguire instead of Biedrins he is cheaper and in the same time keep surprising us by getting even more value by dumping Biedrins and surprise us with another magical trade. and send Tyler to the D league. enuff said, God bless. 2:40 a.m., Golden State insomnia!