The 3 Best Trades In Golden State Warriors' History

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Mar 16, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Milwaukee Bucks point guard Monta Ellis (11) during a stoppage in play against the Golden State Warriors during the second quarter at Oracle Arena. Milwaukee defeated Golden State 120-98. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

There are three ways to acquire players in the NBA – the draft, free agency and the riskiest of them all, the trading block. Trades require two teams willing to give up assets, whether they are players, draft picks or cash considerations, in order to get better. The associated risks with having two teams involved in a trade often leaves teams only able to grade the trade in hindsight.

The Golden State Warriors’ best trades were followed by seasons of playoff appearances. The Warriors have a total of 29 postseason appearances and three championships, which surprisingly puts them in the top third of the league. Though the Warriors have not had much success in recent years, their third best trade in franchise history is an example of how a trade can change a team’s season around instantaneously.

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  • Federico Rocha

    I would have made the Bogut trade number one. Not because it is largely responsible for re-shaping last year’s team but because to evaluate the Davis or Stephen Jackson trades you really have to look at them together.

    Individually I don’t think they had the impact of the Bogut trade which paved the way for Curry to take over and Thompson to step up. It changed the culture from one where we just played a glorified game of ‘HORSE’ to one where we actually try to implement offensive balance and make an effort to stop people defensively.

    Time will tell about the lasting impact of the Bogut trade but it looks good so far.

    An interesting article would be to trade year to year player transactions. As you mention, so much has to be considered with cash considerations, draft picks, etc that often times the beauty is found not just in the initial players of a trade but the draft rights, ability to resign existing players, etc. It all fits together like a big puzzle.