Golden State Warriors: Best Nemanja Nedovic Comparison

The Golden State Warriors acquired Nemanja Nedovic of Serbia with the 30th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Nedovic is a relatively unknown European player but will be making his debut with the Warriors dubbed ‘The European Derrick Rose’. Though Nedovic has yet to step on the floor in the NBA, let’s take the time to examine how his game might translate over from Europe and who his game resembles.

Coach Mark Jackson recently described Nedovic as a “really athletic Jose Calderon”. Both Nedovic and Calderon stand at 6 feet 3 inches and originate from Europe. That is about the extent of their similarities. Nedovic’s assist-to-turnover ratio hovered dangerously close to one-to-one during his most recent season in Europe. Calderon, on the other hand, has a career four to one assist-to-turnover ratio, making him one of the best passers in the league. Nedovic will likely be utilized by the Warriors as a combo guard, not a pass-first point guard like Calderon.

Nedovic is an athletic guard that works well in isolation. He is able to finish around the rim and excels in transition. He is athletic, creative, strong and explosive. For Warrior fans, the first comparison that comes to mind is Monta Ellis.

Ellis was a fan favorite in Oakland for many seasons, being the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal period of the Warrior franchise. Monta, despite being just 6′ 3″ inches tall, had a unique ability to not only finish around the rim, but also attack with rim-rattling dunks. His speed and athleticism gave him the skillset to excel in isolation and in transition.

The Warriors are stacked with shooters. Nedovic provides Golden State with an explosive player off the bench that can bring energy not necessarily readily available in shooters. The ability to attack the basket and draw fouls is a highly valued commodity. If Nedovic can bring solid play in his 10-12 minutes of playing time, he will find himself with a secure spot in the Warriors’ rotation next season.

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